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Big Data and FinTech

Big Data and FinTech

20th June 2017

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data Analytics is pleased to announce its upcoming event on ‘Big Data and FinTech’ and to announce an expert panel

The event will bring together an expert panel of policy-makers and business leaders:

  • Simon McCulloch, Commercial Director at
  • Neil Pennington
  • Antoaneta Seguiva
  • Yodlee
  • Chaired by Lord Jim Knight, vice-chair of the APGDA

Our panel will discuss current and emerging challenges and opportunities posed by new financial technologies in the data analytics sector. 

The event will enhance policy makers understanding of recent technological innovations in the Data Analytics sector and their potentially transformative impact and how legislators can address them. Our panel will also discuss:

  • What legislative challenges will be created by the use of ‘big data’ in financial services?
  • Utilising the full potential of new innovations such as Blockchain and distributed ledgers
  • How can the UK retain its lead in FinTech and Data Analytics?
  • How can the digital infrastructure be augmented to better serve industry needs?


Houses of Parliament
United Kingdom