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Tackling Traffic Pollution

Tackling Traffic Pollution

19th October 2017

The Grantham Institute, Imperial College and the Royal Meteorological Society have teamed up with the APPCCG to discuss vehicle emissions, air pollution, the T-charge and the upcoming ban on petrol and diesel cars banned in UK from 2040.

Macmillan Room, Portcullis House

Thursday 19th October, 09.30-11.30

Chair: Stephen Doughty MP

Recent evidence on the health effects of diesel emissions and the revelations that car manufacturers were fiddling their emissions monitoring have shocked the public and politicians alike.

However, plans to introduce a diesel scrappage scheme, have been met with dismay by drivers and vehicle fleet owners who thought they were acting in the country’s best interest by following government advice for climate change targets.

On 23 October 2017, London joins a growing number of cities around the world taking action against rising air pollution, with the introduction of a £10 vehicle pollution charge for all but the cleanest models. It has just been announced that new petrol and diesel cars banned in UK from 2040.

Join the APPCCG, the Grantham Institute at Imperial College and the Royal Meteorological Society to answer the following:

  • What has been the environmental and health impact of the pro-diesel policy?
  • How has the support by Governments for diesel vehicles affected the public’s support for climate change-driven policies?
  • How has the challenge impacted public confidence in the concept of evidence-based policy decisions?
  • Can future policies have a positive impact for both environment and heath? Or is there always a trade-off?
  • How can decision-makers communicate the challenges of making decisions when there is a high degree of uncertainty about the science?
  • Why might truly zero-emissions transport be only a myth?
  • What is the impact of media/public attention on the air pollution and health aspect of the pollutants?
  • How far do vehicle emissions need to be reduced to meet AQ standards and /or climate change goals? 
Macmillan Room, Portcullis House
Houses of Parliament
United Kingdom