The All-Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group is a cross-party coalition of Parliamentarians and design sector organisations that works to develop new design policy ideas, critique existing government decision-making around design, communicate within Parliament the enormous potential value of design, and help the design community better engage with the policy process. 

Design policy is an emerging field, and the APDIG is proud of the role it plays in promoting its development by identifying new areas where design thinking might be helpfully applied to government policy.

The APDIG holds regular events and seminars in Parliament, publishes newsletters summarising design policy stories, industry news, and other political developments, and produces short briefing papers to present different perspectives on particular policy issues. Common subjects of discussion include education, intellectual property protection, procurement, international competitiveness, public service reform – to name but a few.

The Group's most recent finances and records of the latest Annual General Meeting can be found here.

The group conducts longer term research into more complex or emerging design policy topics through a separate research commission: the Design Commission

If you have any questions regarding the Group, its members or its activities and events, please don't hesitate to contact us.

APDIG commitment to transparency and scrutiny

The APDIG is entirely committed to ensuring its activities, membership and funding are entirely transparent. The Group regularly lobbies Government on key design policy issues, and campaigns widely for design policy thinking to be adopted across government departments. However, in doing so, the APDIG lobbies on behalf of the design industry; never on behalf of one organisation or its specific members.

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