APHG Workforce series: The role of healthcare professionals and Industry in delivering the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan and making it a reality.


As the workforce challenge in the NHS continues to heighten before an upcoming general election, the UK is struggling to meet the growing demand for trained healthcare staff with sufficient supply. 

The UK is struggling to meet the growing demand for trained healthcare staff with sufficient supply. As part of our ongoing initiative, the APHG is launching the APHG Workforce Series, a collection of parliamentary events addressing various facets of the current workforce challenges. The series aims to shed light on the opportunities within both the NHS and Adult Social Care workforce.    

The NHS is currently operating with approximately 154,000 fewer full-time staff than is needed, these numbers are expected to grow to 571,000 by 2036, if the current trend continues. This is why the NHS Long-Term Workforce plan, introduced in June 2023, and is deemed an important part of the solution.  

The plan outlines strategies for retaining existing staff, expanding the healthcare workforce through training, and reforming the overall working environment. However, according to a survey conducted by the Medical Defence Union (MDU) , 40% of Healthcare professionals expressed their intention to resign or retire within the next five years due to workplace pressures.  

The NHS, for long, has pushed for greater investments into the education and training of healthcare staff in the UK, the opportunity arises now to invest in a domestic workforce that is well equipped to sustainably deliver the healthcare needs of the UK.    

Amongst all this, it is important to also understand how industry and other related healthcare professionals can play a crucial role in supporting the NHS and working towards delivering the Long term Workforce plan. Industry leaders, healthcare professionals from parallel work streams such as biomedical scientists, physicians associated and non-registered workers including experts from diverse fields are all valuable contributors to the solution.    

Chaired by Baroness Tyler of Enfield, the forthcoming APPG for Health session dedicated to the NHS Long-Term Workforce plan, is set explore how sector partners can support in delivering the NHS workforce plan including:  

  • The significant role that healthcare professionals can play in addressing the challenges and ensuring the sustainable growth and maintenance of an efficient healthcare workforce in the UK.  

  • Examining opportunities and the involvement of Industry in collaboratively delivering the plan through innovative approaches.  

  • Assessing the role of a prospective government leading up to the general election and identifying immediate-term priorities. 


Speakers include:

  • Dr Navina Evans OBE - Chief Workforce, Training and Education Officer, NHS England 
  • Professor Kamila Hawthorne MBE – Chair, Royal College of General Practitioners          
  • Sarah May - Former Deputy Chief Executive and Biomedical Science Consultant, Institute of Biomedical Science  
  • Dr Simon Opher - Chair Stroud NHS locality 
  • Dr James Cottam – General Manager, Cepheid UK 
  • Charlie Chappatte – Senior Director of Strategy & Operations, 18 Week Support 
  • Professor Alison Leary – Chair of Healthcare and Workforce Modelling, London South Bank University 
  • Anna Winyard - Director of Strategic Capabilities, Johnson and Johnson Medical

To register your interest in this event or for further information please email: jasmin.adebisi [at] policyconnect.org.uk