Generative AI and Higher Education: Changing Landscape of Assessment and Feedback


The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Data Analytics is collaborating with the Higher Education Commission to host a roundtable on the impacts of Generative AI on the Higher Education sector.

Chaired by Daniel Zeichner MP, the roundtable gathers senior members of HEIs, educators, and key stakeholders from the Tech industry to discuss how the landscape of HE is changing as a result of Generative AI. 

Generative AI, although not a novel concept, has experienced rapid advances in large language models (LLMS) in the past year with the public release of ChatGPT. These developments have been met with mixed reception from across the HE sector, representing the complexity and lack of formalized guidance around the subject. The influence of GenAI on assessment and feedback has dominated headlines in the past months - with many research-intensive universities drawing up guiding principles on the use and implementation of GenAI tools. Perceptions of AI use in Higher Education have been divisive across disciplines, educating and awarding bodies.

As such, Policy Connect is delighted to announce that the APGDA and HE Commission will be gathering not only governance teams of universities across the UK, but also thought leaders in this area that can help create public consensus on Assessment and Feedback using AI.

For more information regarding this event, please get in touch with Researcher for Education and Skills at alyson.hwang [at] or Project Coordinator for Industry, Technology and Innovation at alainah.amer [at]

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