Student Experiences: Transferrable Skills, Social Inclusion and Accessibility - 1st Evidence Session for HE Commission


The Higher Education Commission's inquiry into Blended Learning and the digital transformation of education will hold its first evidence session on Tuesday 11th July on the theme "Student Experiences: Transferrable Skills, Social Inclusion and Accessibility".

Blended learning has become a transformative approach in higher education, combining traditional face-to-face instruction with online learning components, thereby offering students a flexible and personalized learning experience. Education policy plays a crucial role in supporting and implementing effective blended learning models in higher education institutions, addressing issues such as curriculum design, teacher training, technology infrastructure, and student support services. By embracing blended learning across higher education and incorporating it into education policy, institutions can leverage the benefits of technology-enhanced learning, promote student engagement and success, and adapt to the evolving needs of the modern learner.

The session will be chaired by Lord Norton of Louth, and Prof. Kathryn Mitchell, Vice Chancellor of the University of Derby. The HE Commission will evaluate student experiences of blended learning, especially focusing around key areas of transferrable skills, social inclusion and accessibility. Findings from this roundtable will be used as evidence for a research report.

There will be opportunity to discuss the remarks and network over coffee/tea with members of the HEC and sector stakeholders. A briefing document with security instructions, an agenda, and speaker profiles will be circulated to attendees ahead of the event. 

To RVSP, please contact Alyson Hwang at alyson.hwang [at]

Picture Source: Marvin Meyer, unsplash