Bricks and Water 2: Shadow Environment Secretary calls for improved water efficiency in new homes

This week, the WSBF hosted their first Parliamentary roundtable to support their forthcoming inquiry on property resilience.  The session focussed on water efficiency and was kindly chaired by Shadow Environment Secretary, Luke Pollard MP, who called for the water industry to learn the lessons of the energy sector in terms of labelling, awareness, and behaviour change.

Guest speakers also included Baroness McInosh of Pickering, who highlighted the use of SuDS for capturing and cleaning surface water, so it can be recycled for non-potable use.  Rob Scarrott, Head of Water Resources and Water Efficiency at SouthWest Water drew attention to the fact that the value of water is going up, but it's price is going down.  Professor Louise Bracken from Durham University encouraged embracing technology as a way to lower consumption and Lydia Makin, Policy Manager at Waterwise called for introduction of mandatory water labelling.

A full summary of the discussion is available to download via the link on this page.