COVID-19 and the Energy Sector

On 13th May 2020, Carbon Connect held an online briefing with parliamentarians, independent experts, industry representatives and policy-makers. 

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Key findings of the discussion include: 

  • So far, much of the energy sector has been mostly resilient to the current situation and energy generation continued across the country. The industry took several protective measures to continue effective service provision.
  • Electricity demand has been lower by 15-20% and renewables’ penetration of the grid has been very high which had to be managed by the systems operator. Lessons from the current low carbon operation can help to achieve the 2025 zero coal and 2050 net zero target.
  • The action of the Government and the energy industry to ensure that customers can keep receiving energy was welcome as a positive development, however, further steps were recommended to ensure that everyone can access the support available. 
  • Roundtable participants emphasised the connection between net zero and the recovery from COVID-19, with net zero representing a good opportunity for economic recovery post-COVID.
  • Participants highlighted their commitment to keep delivering net zero, but also emphasised that continued ‘regulatory unblocking’, long-term policy signals, clarity, transparency, funding and support from the Government are also crucial for this.
  • People need to be put at the heart of net zero measures and the green recovery. Raising awareness, providing advice and consulting with people is crucial for this. As COVID-19 also means that there will be more households with financial worries, we need to deliver net zero in the most cost-effective way. Action is needed to tackle fuel poverty.