Delivering CO Safety

On 7 December, the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG) hosted a hybrid roundtable focussed on delivering carbon monoxide safety. The session, chaired by APPCOG Officer Liz Twist MP, the Shadow Minister for Local Communities and MP for Blaydon, convened representatives of key frontline services responsible for protecting residents from carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Featured speakers and panellists shared insights on best practice in carbon monoxide protection. 

Becky Walker, Manager at the Oxford Home Improvement Agency, shared how the Agency has focussed on improving carbon monoxide safety in homes by distributing free detectors to disabled residents across Oxfordshire in collaboration with SGN. It proved an important case study in understanding how housing services can play a vital role in improving and delivering carbon monoxide safety.  

Issie Myers, Chair of the CO Medical Group, outlined the importance of incorporating data and technology into tackling carbon monoxide poisoning. Importantly, she shared how on-the-ground stakeholders can work together to incorporate carbon monoxide safety. 

Michaela Nuttall, Founder and Director of Learn With Nurses, shared how her organisation has worked to embed carbon monoxide awareness in the routine work of nurses and registered medical practitioners.  

Speakers and the larger panel discussed possible policy solutions that can underpin a concerted effort to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. They expressed the need for a comprehensive strategy to improve awareness and understanding of carbon monoxide safety across all levels of society and industry. 

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