Environmental Audit Select Committee report draws on evidence from Policy Connect

Evidence from Claudia Jaksch, formerly Head of Sustainability at Policy Connect, now Chief Executive, is drawn on in recommendations made by the Environmental Audit Select Committee in its report Energy Efficiency of Existing Homes.

From the report: 

"Improving the energy efficiency of all homes provides a huge opportunity to develop supply chains and provide jobs across the UK for all levels and skills, helping to deliver the Government’s levelling-up agenda and a sustainable post-covid recovery. Energy efficiency delivers much wider benefits to the population, including lower energy bills and improvements in health, and makes a vital contribution towards achieving net zero." ...

"Policy Connect argued that, if underpinned by appropriate levels of public investment, accelerated energy efficiency targets had the potential to create much needed new jobs, vital infrastructure and resilience to help tackle the expected unemployment crisis. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) told us that “in light of the introduction of the net zero target [in 2019], we are considering, as part of the development of a Heat and Buildings Strategy, whether implementation needs to go further and faster”. The Government has since launched a consultation to upgrade the energy efficiency of private rented sector homes in England and Wales." ...

"Policy Connect supported tighter targets in higher priority housing such as new houses, social housing and private rented homes. It said that setting milestones was important to raise public awareness of the importance of decarbonising heat, following the example of the policy signal communicated by the forthcoming ban on the sale of conventional petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030."

You can read Claudia's submission online.