Green Manufacturing Scoping

On Wednesday 25th March, the APMG brought together a range of stakeholders from across manufacturing to discuss the potential of Green Manufacturing, and to focus the workstream for the year ahead.

The APMG's first digital roundtable brought together trade bodies, SME manufacturers and other stakeholders to discuss how the workstream on this broad topic could be focused to best impact and support the sector. The discussion was broad, covering a range of topics from technologies such as CCUS, the importance of a just transition for all and the role green manufacturing can play in driving clean growth in the economic recovery post-Coronavirus.

One of the first points to emerge from the discussion was the importance of public buy-in for the green transition to be successful. The public need to be supportive, not only as consumers, but also as citizens and workers as it will effect the way they consume, live and work. Participants highlighted the changing perspective of consumers, and how this is now being reflected in businesses purchasing and procurement, as there are far more stipulations on green credentials reaching above and beyond the ISO standard. 

The discussion then based the green manufacturing agenda in the current context of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Participants highlighted the opportunity of the huge behaviour change that has taken place as a result of lockdown, as previously impossible behaviours are now the norm and buisnesses have had to innovate processes in order to meet targets. 

Participants felt that it was important to use this session to frame the next stage of discussion in order to shape the work programme for the coming months.

Key points were:

  • Green growth will be key to economic recovery in the wake of the current crisis
  • Adversity drives innovation - new ways of working may result in new opportunities for more ecologically sound practices
  • Consideration of how industry is changing the ways it works during the crisis 
  • Ensuring a just transition to net zero
    • Ensuring all countries bear the burden equally globally
    • Energy intensive industries will need more support
  • The role of emerging technologies such as CCUS

APMG Co-Chair Jack Dromey summarised the discussion and stressed the importance of working on this area over the next one to two months to be ready for when the recovery effort begins. As a result the APMG will be convening a number of roundtables via Zoom to discuss these issues and others and will produce a briefing to be shared with government setting out how manufacturing can lead the green recovery.

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