Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee uses Policy Connect evidence in making recommendations to Government

We are pleased to see Policy Connect's evidence and recommendations submitted to the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee's in response to its call for evidence on local government and the path to net-zero have been taken on board in the Committee's report and their recommendations to Government.

The Committee has accepted our evidence that Energy Performance Certificates are in need of reform and has recommended that the government review energy and water efficiency metrics, in order to build public confidence that homes stated to be net zero are in reality net zero.

The Committee also accepts and shares our conclusion that local authorities should be given the ability to include tougher standards in Local Plans as unconditional requirements for all developments, and includes this as a recommendation to government.

Our evidence that the retrofitting industry needs a minimum forward schedule of ten years to build itself up has also been taken on board in the report's recommendation to Government to set out its longer-term funding plans beyond 2025, and outline the share of funding for retrofitting it anticipates will come from private investment.

In our submission, we emphasised the importance of exploring multiple technologies for low carbon heating, including highlighting the possible role of district heat networks and hydrogen heating. We are pleased to see this reflected in the recommendation:

"The Government must ensure there is as much choice for the public in deciding how their homes are retrofitted as is technologically possible. There is therefore a need for progress on developing alternatives to heat pumps, including hydrogen heating. Local authorities should be given the necessary support and resources to fulfil their important role in retrofitting."

The full report can be read online, as can our submission. The Policy Connect submission was prepared by Rein de Loor, Head of Sustainability, and Rob Allen, Policy Manager for Sustainability.