Policy Connect’s evidence informs BEIS Select Committee decarbonisation report

Policy Connect is quoted in the BEIS Select Committee’s powerful new report on decarbonising heat in homes, which is crucial to the UK meeting its 2050 net zero target. 

Submitting evidence based on our report, Pipeline to 2050: building the foundations of an ambitious Heat and Buildings Strategy, the Select Committee report cited our recommendation in relation to delivering a joined up approach for heat decarbonisation that is consistent with the decarbonisation of other sectors. As the best fitting low carbon heating solutions are likely to differ regionally, it also highlighted the importance of delivering locally and regionally specific training programmes of installers. The report also cited our recommendations about reviewing Ofgem’s role in the low carbon heat market and consumer protections, and highlighted the positive impacts bringing forwards the Future Homes Standards would have. It also emphasised the importance of ensuring that appropriate consumer protections and quality assurance frameworks are in place for all low carbon heating technologies, based on lessons learnt from the Green Deal.

Carbon Connect’s recent report, Connecting The Watts: The case for a net zero delivery authority, also recommends that government establish a national consumer awareness campaign and robust consumer protections for low carbon products. This would be supported by a specific and ambitious end date for the phasing out of gas boilers, as our recent blog sets out.

Both reports call for government to work closely with industry to fill net zero skills gaps, particularly when it comes to scaling up heat pump market to meet the CCC’s target of 900,000 installations a year by 2028. These efforts should be coordinated by a net zero delivery authority, to ensure strategies are delivered effectively across government to reach the 2050 target. To find out more, read the full report.