Dr. Jo Patterson

Research Fellow, Cardiff University

Dr Jo Patterson has been a Research Fellow at the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA) at Cardiff University for over 20 years. Her research experience is in the development and delivery of fundamental and applied research projects in the area of sustainability in the built environment with a particular focus on energy. Jo has led a broad range of multi-disciplinary research projects in low carbon and sustainable built environments over this period, including projects funded by the EU Framework Programme, UK research councils, HEFCW, EU COST Actions and Convergence funding, which have involved many UK and European researchers and industrial partners.


She is currently leading a £3million ERDF project combining renewable energy supply, storage and demand technologies (systems based approach) into housing and communities following the successful construction of Wales’ first energy positive ‘Solcer’ House. Jo was grant holder for the European COST Action ‘Smart Energy Regions’ investigating the drivers and barriers that encourage the uptake of low carbon system technologies both in the UK and Europe, and was part of the Low Carbon Research Institute (LCRI) Steering Committee and Management Committee. She is a member of the WG Cross Party Group on Sustainable Energy, and works with a broad range of stakeholders particularly in the low carbon technologies supply chain and social housing.