Lisa Waters

Director, Waters Wye Associates

Lisa is a founding Director of Waters Wye Associates (WWA) an energy consultancy specialising in GB gas, power and retail issues.  She is an economist with over twenty years’ experience in the energy sector and has worked with a wide variety of energy companies, investors and customers and served on many industry groups.  Lisa read economics at university and then did a Masters in environmental economics, leading to role as energy policy adviser for the CBI where she got her first taste of working with MPs and business to address issues such as carbon trading. 

Lisa has a broad experience in the corporate decision making process and understands the need for businesses to adapt to changes in the policy framework, notably the transition to a low carbon economy, with the challenges of managing intermittent generation and increased electrification in sectors such as transport.  She has a deep understanding of how government works and frequently raises issues of commercial relevance with civil servants, MPs and Ministers.  As well as supporting businesses in the energy sector, Lisa is also a member of the Balancing and Settlement Code Panel, and has detailed knowledge of the energy “codes” that govern how energy is delivered to customers.