Bricks & Water: A plan of action for building homes and managing water in England

The WSBF will published its new research report Bricks and Water in Parliament on 19th June 2018.

Co-Chaired by Angela Smith MP and Baroness McIntosh, this inquiry provides an evidence-based assessment of the challenges facing England in terms of sustainable housebuilding and water management. The report then outlines recommended action for government and stakeholders to take, to ensure that we are prepared for the future and adapted to climate change.

Co-chair Baroness McIntosh said: “The report is all about building appropriate homes in appropriate places, and tackling the challenges of supplying water to these houses. This is against a backdrop of a growing population and adapting to climate change. We want to see sustainable housebuilding - homes that are resilient, water and energy efficient, in a community that is resilient to flooding.”

Co-chair Angela Smith MP said: “We need to build more homes, but on one level I am quite worried because I think that we are doing it in entirely the wrong way, and we will find ourselves in 30 years’ time with homes built in the wrong places and built to inadequate standards... The constant drive by Government of ‘housing first’ is a risk, I want the Ministry of Housing to take these risks to housing seriously.”

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