Keeping it local - West Yorkshire

The Manufacturing Commission's report, 'Keeping it local - West Yorkshire', launched in November 2019 outlines vital measures that government should take to ensure that British manufacturing is supported by the Local Industrial Strategy. 

The report covers seven themes:

  1. Longevity of the strategies
  2. The role of SMEs in policy development
  3. Business funding and support
  4. Enabling manufacturers to exploit the changing technological landscape
  5. The issues of not being able to access suitable sites 
  6. The importance of good transport networks to business
  7. Creating skills fit for the jobs of the future

The report is the second short report in a 12 month inquiry chaired by Lord Bilimoria CBE, Cross Bench Peer and Chairman and Founder of Cobra Beer. It provides a localised snapshot of some of the pressures facing manufacturers and will feed into the main report which will be launched in early 2020. 

This inquiry and report has been kindly supported by the ERA Foundation and the Manufacturing Technologies Association.