Level Up Industry

The Manufacturing Commission's report, 'Level Up Industry' outlines the next steps government should take to ensure that British manufacturing is levelled up in the regions. 

The report makes five key recommendations:

  1. A long-term national productivity target for industrial growth, supported by a strengthened Industrial Strategy Council, on a statutory footing.
  2. Strengthened support for cooperation between LEP areas to identify synergies and grow UK supply chains
  3. Better targeting of the increasing R&D spend to maximise return on investment in the regions of the UK outside of London and the South East
  4. Enable SMEs to access the technology to improve their productivity and prioritise skills that meet the demands of the sector
  5. Ensure UKSPF is flexible and can be allocated by local leaders to ensure local and regional demands are met

The inquiry was chaired by Lord Bilimoria CBE. 

This inquiry and report has been kindly supported by the ERA Foundation and the Manufacturing Technologies Association.