APDIG and CHEAD host interactive policy design workshop exploring how current Art and Design research can be more concretely embedded in UK policymaking

This was the third and final roundtable in the All-Party Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group's (APDIG) three-part series in collaboration with the Council for Higher Education in Art and Design (CHEAD), titled: Realising Art and Design Research in Policy Making Decisions, and was chaired by APDIG Chair Barry Sheerman MP. 

We were also joined by:

  • Sandra Booth, Director of Policy and External Relations, CHEAD.
  • Professor Naren BarfieldDeputy Vice Chancellor and Provost at the Royal College of Art.

The final session was an interactive policy design workshop that built upon the discussions of the first and second roundtables and brought together experts to discuss how current research can be more concretely embedded in policymaking decisions, and better understand the key policy changes that the creative industries would like to see both within the sector and beyond for Art and Design research can be best realised in policymaking decisions.

The UK is currently faced with increasing challenges across health, climate, technology and more. The creative, design and innovation industries can add a lot of value to the solutions to these challenges but are not yet fully appreciated in policy. We have already been seeing emerging research across all these areas, especially at Design for Planet by the Design Council, just a month ago. What is now critical is for policymakers to acknowledge and utilise this research.

Questions for Discussion

In breakout rooms, attendees were asked to consider the following questions:

  1. How can Art and Design be better connected to Government strategy, policy frameworks and funding mechanisms at a cross departmental level?
  2. How can Art and Design be fully utilised to reimagine community led place-based decision making?
  3. How can Art and Design redefine value creation and drive future thinking and innovation strategy?

The outputs from this session will be recommendations and suggestions for delivery that government and parliament can endorse, creating a roadmap endorsed by a wide representation of the sector. Both CHEAD and APDIG will continue to build on this work in other aspects of their respective programmes.

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