Artificial intelligence regulation that encourages innovation: a worthy goal, but how do we get there?

On Monday, the government reaffirmed its commitment to regulating artificial intelligence in a way that encourages innovation, through its AI Action Plan.

As the secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Data Analytics, we welcome this paper and the continual progress towards responsible artificial intelligence.

However, key questions remain around how this pro-innovation regulatory environment can be achieved.

The group for data analytics will shortly be launching an inquiry to answer this question.

The inquiry will be led by co-chairs Daniel Zeichner MP (Lab, Cambridge), Lord Clement-Jones (Lib Dem) and Lord Holmes of Richmond (Con). We are very grateful to the inquiry’s cross-sector sponsors Zurich (insurance), Bright Data (web data), EY (assurance and consulting) and the ACCA (accounting). The inquiry will bring together leaders from business, industry, academia, civil society as well as policymakers and decisionmakers in Westminster and Whitehall.

Watch this space!