Inclusive Practice in Higher Education Roundtable

In April the APPGAT held a roundtable on Inclusive Practice in Higher Education to help inform the Office for Students (OfS) on their upcoming review of support for disabled students. The meeting was chaired by Lord Low CBE and attended by Amy Norton of the OfS along with associate members and representatives from universities to explore the particular and vital role of technology in implementing inclusive practice.  

Discussions were structured around the following themes: assistive software, assessment, accessible resources, data and technology-enhanced support, and inclusive teaching.  You can download a full summary of the outcomes by clicking the download link to the right.

Following the roundtable, APPGAT managers met with researchers from the OfS to share the outcomes and make recommendations for their 2019 review, which will build on findings from the HEFCE 2017 report on Models of Support for Students with Disabilities.  We look forward to our continued engagement with government in this area, and extend our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the roundtable.

“Without inclusion there is no way to effectively remove all the barriers” – Alice Speller, Goldsmiths University