Transitions: How can government level up prosperity? Rt Hon Sir John Hayes CBE MP in conversation with Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP

“We agree on the need for employers to go further in bringing people into the labour market” - Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP

Today, Sir John Hayes MP and Stephen Timms MP discussed the work of the Work and Pensions Select Committee and current government priorities, at an event hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Skills, Careers and Employment. As the former Skills Minister and former Employment Minister respectively, there was much to discuss.

Discussion topics included the perennial claim of more, higher and quality skills needed to drive the economy, and how this can be delivered through joint working between Whitehall and local agencies.

While there were differing views on labour market flows and the expectations on the new relationship between the UK and the European Union, both Mr Timms and Sir John agree that an employer driven system which values the role of educators will provide a system of learning which leads to fulfilling jobs.

Mr Timms MP spoke passionately on the need for more investment to raise levels of productivity, in a three-fold system which uses new technology in the fourth industrial revolution, provides high quality skills and training and harnesses the contribution of as many people as possible.

“1 million young people are not in employment, education or training at the moment, a big number which has been stable for quite a long time. We need to try to use the current circumstances to bring these young people into the workforce.” - Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP