Frontline Accessibility: Building ATech Awareness and Confidence Among Public Service Professionals

Assistive and accessible technology (ATech) has the potential to transform the lives of millions of disabled people, but lack of awareness remains a barrier to achieving this impact. Frontline Accessibility is a new report from the ATech Policy Lab that shows how we can mainstream awareness across society.  

The report reviews current provision of fundamentals-level ATech training to frontline professionals and shows that this training can be highly effective – shaping a more inclusive culture in organisations and enabling frontliners to share ATech awareness with their clients, patients and learners. The report recommends that government partner with disabled people, public service organisations, and the ATech sector to radically scale the delivery of ATech fundamentals training – with this partnership led by a senior champion within government. 

The Frontline Accessibility report is authored by Geena Vabulas and produced by the ATech Policy Lab, which is a partnership between the cross-party think tank, Policy Connect, Bournemouth University and the charity Ace Centre. The report is sponsored and made possible by the Ian Karten Charitable Trust.